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Deep Facial

120min / 70

This is a cleansing therapy making the use of steam. It is of importance for the maintenance of healthy and radiant  skin.

Hydra Therapy

90min / 60€

This is the ultimate therapy for deep hydration and rejuvenation of dry and dull skin.

Diamond Therapy

90min / 70€

This treatment affords immediate results as it  restores the radiance and youthful vitality of the skin.

Whitening Therapy

90min / 60€

This  whitening treatment  does not make use of ingredients  which would have a negative impact on a client who has   has photosensitivity.  It is extremely effective in the treatment of dark spots and discoloration.

Vitamin C Therapy

90min / 60€

Antioxidant treatment that strengthens the skin’s defense system. Protects against the damage of free radicals and treats environmental and biological aging and dark spots.

Rejuvance Massaha Signature

50€ per session

6 sessions: 270€

This is a specialized facial massage which rejuvenates the skin, softens and removes wrinkles, and reduces the ravages of time while restoring facial radiance.  It is actualized  with the fingertips of the therapist and leaves you with the feeling of a natural lifting. in each session we work also with an extra technique to boost the result (gua sha. korean massage, electroacupuncture, moisturize, etc)

Caviar Therapy

90min / 70€

Anti - aging and firming treatment with salmo Ovrin caviar fatty acids W3 and W6 caviar whis is found in proteins, vitamins, ammino acids and trace elements which strengthens the skin with the necessary ingredients needed to maintain the integrity of its cells.

Massaha Signature Face Massage

65min / 55€

A unique combination of three spcialized treatments: Rejuvance, Cosmetic Meridian and Hydration.

This Signature Face treatment softens wrinkles,renews the oval facial muscles and offers deep hydration

Cosmetic Meridian  massage

40min / 30€

This facial massage activates reflex points in the face, neck, and decollete.  It soothes and smooths wrinkles and renews the oval facial muscles. As such, it creates a sense of wellness and complete relaxation.

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